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                 ... to the photography blog of award winning professional photographer and artist Susan Elise Shiebler. Susan works from her New York studio on Eastern Long Island's south shore. For more information, please go to the links tab above for Susan's website. For session and location availability, please contact Susan at

"To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting. "
e. e. cummings   

This quote is one of my favorites and we can all identify with this truth. It seems that too often in life, there are people who will not accept us for who we really are. Rarely however, are we accused of pretending to be another person entirely, or told that we are impersonating someone else, that's a new one for me.
This leads me to a special message to all of my great friends and "fans" who had been following me on my facebook Photography page. I have so appreciated all of your ongoing support. Unfortunately, for some reason unbeknownst to me, my page, "Susan Elise Shiebler Photography" was suddenly disabled. When I contacted facebook respectfully and inquired as to why this would happen, I received an email stating that my account has been permanently disabled and the reason? According to the email,

"Fake accounts are a violation of our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. Facebook requires users to provide their real first and last names. Impersonating anyone or anything is prohibited."

Oh-kaaay and this is applicable to me how? I know in order for them to check millions of accounts, it is done by computer, auto responses etc. They somehow do not believe that I am "me."  Apparently, as I researched this, this has happened to others as well. At first, it was absurdly comical until I saw that they offered no explanation or opportunity for me to prove my identity. Then, suddenly the reality was clear that they make these decisions based on mere conjecture, either by human or computer determination. More likely, the latter.  There was no use fighting it, as it is difficult to impossible to reach them and their email stated their decision was final. 
    On principle alone, I considered not starting a new facebook account. I have however resigned myself to the fact that social networking is an unavoidable reality. I also realized that everyone who had become a "fan" of the page had no explanation as to what happened when my page suddenly disappeared. I concluded that the friends who support my work are more important than huge companies who care very little about individual people. 
    I therefore simplified the name to "Shiebler Photography" and created a new account under that name. For anyone who would like to continue following my page, thanks again for joining. 

 There is also the alternative option to subscribe to this blog (see RSS at the top of this page.) I really wanted to inform everyone of what happened. I hope my new FB page will not likewise be disabled. If it is, I will stick to this blog/journal alone.

I really want to focus on why I am here online and that reason is Fine Art Photography. So, thanks to everyone for reading and now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to taking pictures while impersonating myself.   
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Judy Rosato:

No one can impersonate you , better than YOU!


Thanks Judy! Apparently, according to Facebook, I was too good at it! lol


Breathtakingly beautiful photos! They are GORGEOUS!

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And regarding my last entry... for those who still find the snow no longer tolerable (even in photos)... Here's a preview of two recent studio sessions!

dc copyright ses j.jpg

val1 js.jpg

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Please, don't use photoshop in your beautifu photos, I can see that have been photoshopped and not look natural. You're a great photographer, please let others use photshop in your photos.


Thank you for your kind words and suggestion. Most of my clients request touch ups for lines, wrinkles, blemishes or lighting issues. Nothing is touched up without their approval. I do appreciate you taking the time to comment, thank you again!

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     I know, I know, in many parts of the country and here in the Northeast, snow has become a four letter word in a different sense. The excitement of the first flakes of festive December snow have turned into the the last weather event anyone wants to see from their windows. 
     It certainly has been disruptive and inconvenient and seemingly interminable as this winter is one for the record books. However, at the risk of being optimistic (which I am not always) I have to say I do not hate snow. Snow and winter, winter and snow, they are traditionally synonymous. I much prefer snow over dampness, drizzle and sleet. Snow and weather in general remind me that I have no control over many things, something which I need to be reminded of often. Snow reminds me that I must be patient. While I am not patient by nature, spring will still reward me and arrive mercifully and that is certain. 
    Of all the uncertainty and anxiety we live with daily, what an assurance to know that spring will surely be here. Nothing will prevent it from coming. The timing will be perfect, just as  cold, smoky scented night air and falling leaves save us from the doldrums of late summer heat. And, while all of this unfolds as it has for centuries, one last walk in the snow can be just as beautiful as the season's first.

lis snowy 3j copyright.jpg
lis snowy j ses copyright.jpgliss snowy j ses copyright.jpglis snowy 3j ses copyright.jpg
lis4j ses copyright.jpg

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A Friend:

These pictures are stunning and your observations about the promise of spring and all that comes with it are apt. I am amazed by how each picture has its own say without sacrificing their unity of theme. Amazing!

A proud fan of photography:

These are BEAUTIFUL photographs! Susan is definately a gifted women in photography! Keep up the great work!!!!!
A great Friend!

Fly on!

Carissa Love:

These are fantabulous pictures!! I agree, Susan is very gifted. great job!


Thank you so much! I really love what I do and I look forward to the nicer weather when our outdoor shoots have even more beautiful light and scenery!

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Thank you to everyone who braved ice and snow to come out and enter our free drawing on President's Day.  There has been some anticipation all week so we would like to announce the four winners of a Free Portrait Session!

Jackie Williams

Elizabeth Clark

Melissa Furci

Rosemary Mahan

Congratulations to all the winners! Your portrait session, including a free 8"x10" desk print, is valued at over  $235! You have the choice of an indoor studio session or an outdoor session (once the weather is a little warmer and we can see grass!)

 Your session will include two hours of custom photography (single or family session) at a determined location. Your proofs will then be available in approximately 2-3 weeks  (At which time you may select your free 8"x 10" pose.) Additional prints may be ordered a la carte with no minimum order requirement. Sessions must be completed by August 1, 2010.

 We look forward to booking all of your sessions, and once again, Congratulations to our winners!

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winter special flyer 1jj.jpg

 To view larger detail:
View image
Any questions or need more info? Please use the contact form above to email us!
Stay Warm!

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